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Mobile Content Delivery
CRM to Mobile Platform

By Jesse Romigh, Communications Team - October 7, 2009

Mobile phones. Smart phones. iPhones. In an ever-increasing mobilized economy, people all over the world are depending more and more on receiving important information to their cell phones or hand-held devices. Digital Alchemy is proud of being the first and only, (at the time of this article), to support and deliver hospitality CRM to mobile devices. Some clear advantages of using mobile CRM, pertaining to the hospitality industry, Timeare receiving vital and pertinent travel information such as arrival and departure dates, room and contact information and even pre-stay marketing pieces. Every piece that is typically emailed can be generated in a mobile-friendly format. One of the cool and convenient features that comes with this format includes the impressive, auto-activated phone number, so that digits only need be touched or clicked to auto-dial, alleviating the need to enter in the phone number by hand. This can be extremely useful for guests while traveling and on the go.

Doral Arrowood resort finds the mobile-formatted Comment Cards very important as they discovered that guests tend to fill them out and submit directly from their phones as they are in departure mode. It’s one convenient way to increase guest retention and interaction. Consider the Mid-Stay Communiqué service that allows guest to communicate their immediate needs directly with the property’s general manager. Having this mobile service is very convenient and valuable, as it helps build loyalty and overall guest satisfaction. Comment Card’s auto-recognition feature takes it a step further by auto-detecting a mobile device in use and serving up the mobile-formatted version.

Properties have a better chance in increasing revenue with extended services or offers using mobile CRM. Imagine a traveler in route who hasn’t had time to access a computer to receive a pre-stay marketing piece. They can however access the mobile-formatted email and have the opportunity to call or book a reservation at the spa, restaurant or any other amenities or specials the property is offering. Mobile technology is rapidly growing and here to stay. Digital Alchemy knows the value of supporting such modern day conveniences.

Multilingual Capabilities

CRM in Multiple Languages

By Jesse Romigh, Communications Team - September 21, 2009

In an ever-growing need to support multilingual e-media and web content, Digital Alchemy offers the ability to serve CRM media in every language supported by Windows® or Mac OS X. Several of Digital Alchemy's clients use this technology extensively. TimeIn the very near future Jumeirah Hotel & Resorts plan to translate all CRM pieces into a total of eight languages including Japanese, French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, German, Italian, English and Arabic.

As the need for International business and travel grows, so does the need for guests to read important travel and stay information in their native tongue. In one case it was proven that before the Comment Card service was served in Arabic, the completion of the paper version was actually higher. Since the translated Arabic version has come online, the opposite is true. Whether it was ease of use, familiarity with the language, or cultural reasons, it seems that quests are more receptive to giving their feedback via the Comment Card when presented in their native language.

Digital Alchemy creates diverse benefits and business opportunities in this area by giving client properties the choice of delivering e-media in a particular language, allowing guests the ability to choose their preferred language. Ready-made links are at the top of the respective media pieces so that when the user clicks, it refreshes the piece in their own language. Experts are continually consulted in-order to deliver in the proper dialects and to ensure accurate translations.